DITA TELEMAKER-Sunglasses-Topline Eyewear
DITA TELEMAKER-Sunglasses-Topline Eyewear
DITA TELEMAKER-Sunglasses-Topline Eyewear



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Informed by the punk mentality and impervious to categorization, DITA Telemaker joins the ranks of iconoclastic DITA character frames endowed with the power to transform.

Telemaker’s front frame is cut from sheets of chunky, 6mm acetate and skive-sculpted for an angular finish, adding depth and texture to an imposing facade.

A custom, wire-core temple design is fitted with DITA’s iconic hex screw hinges for extra durability.

Combining the broad profile of a squareframe with the pointed attitude of a cat-eye, Telemaker cuts its own path in the spirit of DITA’s most celebrated character frames.
DITA Sunglasses

Introducing the Legacy of DITA Eyewear: A History of Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Since its inception, DITA Sunglasses have been a trailblazer in the world of luxury eyewear, captivating fashion enthusiasts and discerning individuals with its unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and timeless design. Established in Los Angeles in 1995 by lifelong friends Jeff Solorio and John Juniper, DITA emerged as a brand that seamlessly combined artisanal craftsmanship with innovative engineering, setting new standards for eyewear excellence.

From its early days, DITA distinguished itself as a brand that pushed boundaries and challenged conventional norms. Inspired by the iconic Golden Age of Hollywood and vintage aesthetics, DITA embarked on a journey to create sunglasses that exuded elegance, sophistication, and a touch of rebellion.

At DITA, every pair of sunglasses undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process that can involve as many as 320 separate steps over 8 months. Balancing the harmony between eastern and western influences, DITA frames are expertly crafted by artisans and craftsmen who have honed their skills over decades, resulting in unparalleled mastery of their craft. These modern-day masters transform the world's finest acetates and metals into luxurious eyewear that carries a genuine soul.

DITA Sunglasses embody the brand's commitment to perfection, with their signature word etched on every frame, serving as a guarantee of originality, quality, and authenticity. This dedication to excellence has earned DITA a reputation as a leading eyewear brand, beloved by style-conscious individuals around the world.

The DITA-Series showcases the brand's finest creations. From the exquisite ALKAMX Sunglasses, a dual-tone, all-titanium wonder, to the iconic Flight-006 Sunglasses, paying tribute to the brave fighter pilots of the past, and the futuristic Flight Seven Sunglasses with their timeless aviator-meets-square-lens design, each pair is a testament to DITA's unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail. Other notable creations include the LXN EVO, Mach One, Midnight Special, and Talon Sunglasses, all meticulously handcrafted with premium materials to elevate your style to new heights.

When you choose DITA Sunglasses, you choose more than just a fashion accessory. You embrace a legacy of excellence, artistry, and individuality. Explore the exquisite collection of DITA Sunglasses at Topline Eyewear and discover the perfect pair that resonates with your personal style.

Indulge in the world of DITA Sunglasses, where impeccable craftsmanship meets timeless design. Experience the luxury, elegance, and unmatched quality that have made DITA an iconic name in the eyewear industry.

Visit Topline Eyewear to explore the range of DITA Sunglasses, including the ALKAMX, Flight-006, Flight Seven, LXN EVO, Mach One, Midnight Special, and Talon. Enhance your style and make a statement with DITA, the epitome of luxury eyewear craftsmanship.

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